Why is Mautic so difficult to install?

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I’ve been trying for 3 weeks and I could see that several people are going through the same problems and they can’t solve it!

Would it be possible to create an environment validation script before starting the installation? This script could list all the problems found at the level of environment, versions of Database, PHP and others and generate a complete log, thus, it would be easier to correct the problems of the application and help the community to drive more and more this fantastic idea !

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Hi! its not so difficult … but you need to know something about linux . There are a lot of pages with a step by step manual , you should search that maybe. If not , hire someone who can help you the first time and explain to you (if not , use docker)


Mautic is a total PITA regarding installation. I installed this on a Webfaction site (twice), & on a CPanel site (3x).

I thought the first Webfaction install - manual - was fine until I tested cron jobs. I get an error, and I cannot find any solution to it. Mutliple searches + my support post has not got any replies. I tried a repeat install in a second folder - and got the identical cron errors …

I then tried installing on Cpanel - and tried to upgrade from 3.02 to 3.1 - only for it to stall each time I tried to upgrade.

I contrast this to the simple 1 minute install of WordPress (& now auto update of plugins - which is working well).

Mautic has lot of promise, but it is way to fragile when it comes to installation and upgrades. I want to be able to focus on personal use + offering marketing services to clients, not debugging code each time there is an update…

Disappointed …

if you have Cpanel, install through softaculous. Works well. Also go into app/config local.php and change the mysql driver from “mysqli” to “pdo_mysql”. Seems to be more reliable.

Tried that - still doesn’t run the update.

I have been on Webfaction (my son’s influence) - and on that hosting I did a manual install via SSH. No issues with getting it set up, but when I try running the cron jobs, I get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘->’ (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR) in /home/jeffw/webapps/mautic/vendor/tightenco/collect/src/Collect/Support/Collection.php on line 103

Tried looking at the code (I was writing PHP-based plugins for WP as far back as 2005 - so diving into code is not unfamiliar) - but really want to focus on using the platform for marketing - not going back down into debugging coding. That’s no longer fun for me.

Last resort will be to ditch Webfaction & try a Mautic-friendly hosting.

I’m replying here as I can’t figure out how to start a new topic.

I’m a newcomer and not that knowledgeable. I recently downloaded Mautic but can’t work out how to get to the next stage of the installation process (the onscreen installation using a browser). I’ve tried typing the following into Chrome, Safari and Firefox:

http://[website domain]/7_mautic-401
/var/www/[website domain]/7_mautic-401

Is there something obvious that I’ve missed? Many thanks in advance.

There are MANY install Mautic videos on the web and they all address this issue.
Just a couple:

Here is a blogpost with installing instructions step by step if you use ssh:

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