Composer Setup for Mautic 5 Now Needs NPM

Hey there!

Just a heads up for those who might run into the same issue I did—looks like there’s a little detail that’s not in the documentation yet. If you try to run the composer create-project command, you might bump into an error that goes a bit like this:

npm: not found
Script npm ci --prefer-offline --no-audit handling the npm-ci event returned with error code 127
Script @npm-ci was called via post-update-cmd

Turns out, the server where Mautic is hosted needs NodeJS, which wasn’t the case before. This means if your current hosting doesn’t play nice with NodeJS, you might hit a snag.

I noticed there’s already some chatter about this over at this GitHub pull request, and it seems like it’s open for community feedback.

I would see it as a big downside to no longer be able to install mautic on shared hosting with management software like cPanel.