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constant 404 errors when trying to reach support pages.

I am trying to setup mautic to integrate with Amazon SES, and like a lot of people I’m having problems.

But whenever I search the problem, the Mautic search pages that show up in google keep directing to a 404 error page.

It’s crazy!! Nearly all the support forum pages redirect to a 404 page doesn’t exist page!!??

Does anyone know an alternative URL that can be used to get to the page?

Thanks in advance, and I’m slightly disappointed that this is the first post that I am making on the forum.

Thanks, I never thought of that.

I also fixed my problem in a few minutes after I read other peoples solution.

Presumably Google search will eventually drop those (many) pages from its search and then the cache option won’t be there anymore, that would be a real shame.

But thanks anyway, problem now solved!