Contributor-Agreement for people outside USA

Hi there,

I want to make a pull request for a feature but I now have to sign the contributor agreement.

There is this part about “governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”, but I am not even a citizen from the usa, I do not think this part of the agreement makes sense or what it means for me.

Also I don’t see any way to exit that agreement if I no longer want to contribute anything unrelated to that pull request.

Has anyone of you experiences with Acquia and that agreement? Is it save to sign that?

Hi there,

This agreement has been in place since Mautic was first open sourced, and it’s a requirement for anyone who contributes to sign.

The part about the laws of Massachusetts relates to the location of Acquia and the legal jurisdiction which applies. It’s a pretty standard part of legalese, e.g. Governing Law Sample Clauses: 784k Samples | Law Insider.

Currently 181 contributors have signed the agreement in case that makes any difference.

If you prefer not to sign, then we can’t accept any contributions on any of the Mautic repositories.