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create contact code is not working

hi i have below code for creating contact via api , it execute fine but not creates any contact in mautic why ??

code is as below


// Bootup the Composer autoloader
include DIR . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’;

use Mautic\Auth\ApiAuth;


$publicKey = ‘’;
$secretKey = ‘’;
$callback = ‘’;

// ApiAuth->newAuth() will accept an array of Auth settings
$settings = array(
‘baseUrl’ => ‘http://localhost/mautic’, // Base URL of the Mautic instance
‘version’ => ‘OAuth2’, // Version of the OAuth can be OAuth2 or OAuth1a. OAuth2 is the default value.
‘clientKey’ => ‘1_1w6nrty8k9og0kow48w8w4kww8wco0wcgswoow80ogkoo0gsks’, // Client/Consumer key from Mautic
‘clientSecret’ => ‘id6dow060fswcswgsgswgo4c88cw0kck4k4cc0wkg4gows08c’, // Client/Consumer secret key from Mautic
‘callback’ => ‘http://localhost/mtest/process.php’ // Redirect URI/Callback URI for this script

// If you already have the access token, et al, pass them in as well to prevent the need for reauthorization
$settings[‘accessToken’] = $accessToken;
$settings[‘accessTokenSecret’] = $accessTokenSecret; //for OAuth1.0a
$settings[‘accessTokenExpires’] = $accessTokenExpires; //UNIX timestamp
$settings[‘refreshToken’] = $refreshToken;

// Initiate the auth object
$initAuth = new ApiAuth();
$auth = $initAuth->newAuth($settings);
if( $auth->getAccessTokenData() != null ) {
$accessTokenData = $auth->getAccessTokenData();
$settings[‘accessToken’] = $accessTokenData[‘access_token’];
$settings[‘accessTokenSecret’] = ‘id6dow060fswcswgsgswgo4c88cw0kck4k4cc0wkg4gows08c’; //for OAuth1.0a
$settings[‘accessTokenExpires’] = $accessTokenData[‘expires’]; //UNIX timestamp
$settings[‘refreshToken’] = $accessTokenData[‘refresh_token’];
// Initiate process for obtaining an access token; this will redirect the user to the $authorizationUrl and/or
// set the access_tokens when the user is redirected back after granting authorization

// If the access token is expired, and a refresh token is set above, then a new access token will be requested

try {
if ($auth->validateAccessToken()) {

    // Obtain the access token returned; call accessTokenUpdated() to catch if the token was updated via a
    // refresh token

    // $accessTokenData will have the following keys:
    // For OAuth1.0a: access_token, access_token_secret, expires
    // For OAuth2: access_token, expires, token_type, refresh_token

    if ($auth-&gt;accessTokenUpdated()) {
        $accessTokenData = $auth-&gt;getAccessTokenData();
        echo "<pre>";
        echo "</pre>";
        //store access token data however you want

} catch (Exception $e) {
// Do Error handling

use Mautic\MauticApi;
//use Mautic\Auth\ApiAuth;

// …
$initAuth = new ApiAuth();
$auth = $initAuth->newAuth($settings);
$apiUrl = “http://localhost/mautic/api”;
$api = new MauticApi();
$contactApi = $api->newApi(“contacts”, $auth, $apiUrl);

$data = array(
‘firstname’ => ‘Jim’,
‘lastname’ => ‘Contact’,
‘email’ => ‘’,
‘ipAddress’ => $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]

$contact = $contactApi->create($data);
echo “<br/>contact created”;

NOTE : I have setup mautic at local pc