Creation of email possible only from non-MJML themes but email displays well in preview mode only

Hi everybody,
I’m using Mautic v4.4.0 and I’m stucked because of these 2 issues:

  1. Cannot create a transactional email starting from MJML themes (such as “Brienz”).
  2. Successfully created a visual rich email starting from HTML template “Blank” but it displays well in preview mode only.

Concerning point 1. I’m able to open MJML theme, edit it and visualize changes in visual builder but when I click “Apply” or “Save and close” all these buttons become light grey (so unclickable) for an indefinite time and nothing is saved. Javascript console reports a 500 internal server error.

Also tried to copy html from “Brienz” MJML theme and paste it while creating an email from Custom code mode and same 500 internal happens.

That’s why I created the email starting from html template “Blank”. I created the email with visual builder and added just one css line of custom code at the end from Mautic editor.

Here the problem is that the email displays perfectly and responsive in preview mode but when I tested it displayed very bad in all email clients except Thunderbird.

My question is:
If I solve the problem with MJML and I build this same email (it’s visual rich with images, button and social icons) starting from MJML theme “Brienz” instead of HTML theme with Mautic visual composer the email will automatically display well in most popular desktop and mobile email clients?

If so I will definitely do this otherwise I think the best solution is to import in Mautic the HTML of the email created with visual builder. The point is that I don’t have enough time and knowledge to learn how to adjust html and css code manually so I need to rely entrely on a visual composer. What do you think?

Thank you so much for your help,
I wish everyone a good day

Ok I think I’ve just found the solution to problem 1) here in Mautic github. Installing phpX.Y-mbstring library should solve the problem!

Tomorrow I speak and try with my sysadmin and write back here to confirm if it works.

Now remains problem 2). What do you think about it?

Brienz has an update, it’s also on github. You can download from there and import it. It is responsive and works really well.

Hi @joeyk thank you for your help!

I confirm that installing phpX.Y-mbstring library solved the problem! I think is important to advice users with popups or something else when they try to use a mjml theme for the first time to make them aware of this.

I tried to download and import from github as you suggested but I didn’t succeed, anyway I used actual Brienz with visual builder and the email looks perfect in every email client :wink:

Now I’m making a landing page with visual builder, I edited config.json file of ‘Sunday’ theme to make it editable through Grapejs. I supposed to find well formatted code instead the layout is build with tables html tags.

Do all Mautic predefined themes use tables tags to build the layout?
Can I make a custom theme without table tags (so only DIV, SPAN and CSS to create the layout) and be able to edit it with visual composer?

Thank you very much,
have a nice weekend