Custom Fields - How to change date format on "Date/Time" data type?

I am using a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS with Runcloud software.

My Mautic version is:

My PHP version is:

My Database type and version is:

My problem is:
I added a custom field in the “Settings → Custom Fields → + New” section of Mautic.

The Data Type of the custom field is “Date/Time”.

When filling out the new “Date/Time” input on a contact, the format is the MariaDB default YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format (24 hour 00-23).

I want to change the format from YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (24 hour 00-23) to something more user friendly for my contacts like MM-DD-YYYY hh:mm AM/PM (12 hour 00-12 AM/PM).

I want to go from 2021-4-26 13:00:00

to 04-26-2021 1:00 PM

These errors are showing in the log:
There are no errors in the log since this is a date format configuration.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I have tried to adjust in the “Settings → Custom Fields” section but there is no setting for date format.

I have also checked the “Settings → Configuration → System Defaults” section and confirmed that the default format for full dates, date only, short dates, and time only settings are correct.

Would I need to change this in the MariaDB database?

How do I go about accomplishing my preferred date format?

Thank you everyone for your support!