Customizing Mautic Branding

Howdy Mauticians. Which folder and files should I work on if I’m to customize Mautic brand colors?

PS: I’m aware of Mautic-Whitelabeler plugin but it doesn’t address all the brand colors I want to customize

This is how I would do it:

  1. locate the content
  2. search where it’s generated
  3. make changes
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Do you mean that I should inspect my live mautic installation to locate the CSS involved if I understand you correctly @joeyk?

Also, can you hint me on the cons for doing it this way?

Well, i think this is the only way. Figure out the classes you need to change, then change the classes.

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Alright. Thanks @joeyk

You can track the content and search that content in mautic manually and make the changes where file is located, but please backup your mautic before doing that.

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