Dashboard not populating on Mobile, but fine on Desktop

Just tried the update to 5.01 … Works fine on the desktop (after the schema fix). Logging in from the mobile phone (as I’ve done for years) doesn’t work though.

The dashboard doesn’t populate and keeps loading … Even after trying several mobile browsers, as well as clearing cookies, cache, and all…

A little strange … I must be missing something here … Does Anyone have an idea?

That’s weird, thanks for reporting it @lexgabrees - I don’t think we have folks testing on the mobile devices so entirely possible it’s not been picked up before.

Can you share if you’re using the default dashboard or something with your own widgets?

Does the same happen if you’re using the default dashboard? (Be sure to back up your dashboard by exporting it before you switch!)

Yes … it’s the default dashboard. It just keeps loading and never does any data appear.

It’s strange because when you select ‘use desktop site’ on a mobile, it works fine.

So, I believe there must be an incompatibility with the browsers’ JS engine on mobile devices. Then again, the problem is there on all browsers, ranging from Chrome to Firefox to Opera.

But on a Desktop (laptop / or comp) it’s fine.

My first thought is that I am missing something because it’s a weird issue … Maybe I am forgetting something … I’ll update the post if I find a solution as well…

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Hi @lexgabrees

Could you please share with us what type of smartphone device do you have? It may be relevant so that we can test it.

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I’m using a Galaxy s23+ with Android 13-based One UI 5.1 software …

Hi folks,

I was just testing a PR based on 5.0.0-Release Candidate and I think I had the same issue, it had a bunch of errors on the console and the menu did not work. @lexgabrees could you use the menu on your mobile by any chance?

No, the menu on the right doesn’t work … However, the one on the left does, and I can click on f/e. ‘contacts’. The issue is whenever there’s data to load and show - and I suspect graphs. Maybe there’s a lib that’s used for that.?

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Would you mind raising an issue on GitHub for this please? I think it hasn’t yet been reported.

This issue whas in the meantime reported, see Mautic 5.0.1 Dashboard not populating on Mobile, but fine on Desktop · Issue #13214 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

I created a PR to address this, see ensure JS libraries requiring Jquery UI are loaded in the correct order by mollux · Pull Request #13216 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

This issue seems to be resolved for me in 5.02 …

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Awesome! Thanks @mollux for the swift investigation & PR to fix!

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