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db query taking over 8minutes to execute after upgrading to 2.12.2

Hi Guys

I upgraded our Mautic version to 2.12.2 (from 2.12.1) last night. Ever since the upgrade there is a query that continuously hits our database over and over again, and hogs 100% of a single cpu core. The query itself takes anything between 5 and 8 minutes to complete.

The query:

SELECT count( as lead_count, max( as max_id FROM oaleads l LEFT JOIN oalead_lists_leads ll ON (ll.leadlist_id = 25) AND (ll.lead_id = AND (ll.date_added <= '2018-03-01 16:40:06') WHERE (EXISTS ( SELECT COUNT(id) FROM oapage_hits zQsWTygS WHERE (zQsWTygS.lead_id = AND (zQsWTygS.email_id IS NULL) AND (zQsWTygS.redirect_id IS NULL) AND (NOT EXISTS (SELECT FROM oapage_hits CNxdojlk WHERE (CNxdojlk.lead_id = AND (CNxdojlk.date_hit > (zQsWTygS.date_hit - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE)) AND (CNxdojlk.date_hit < zQsWTygS.date_hit)) ) HAVING COUNT(id)>1 ) ) AND (ll.lead_id IS NULL)

This issue is causing our other applications running on the same server to timeout.

Should I roll back to the previous Mautic version?