Developing admin themes and plugins for mautic

Hi, in my company we are enjoining Mautic a lot.

We are starting to dream about new evolutions, specific for us and some of our clients.

My questions are:

  1. are there consolidated developers that only develop plugins for mautic? If so, is there a price list (so we understand what kind of pricing we are going to face)
  2. how much would it cost, approximately, a restyling of the backend of Mautic (nothing big, just changing logos, colors and fonts)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

regarding logo and colors you can start here:

Plugins on the other hand. Development is one thing, but you’ll need constant support.
It really depends on the plugin…


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought so too after projecting the whole thing. Probably it’s best to have an internal developer to create and maintain the plugins.

I played around with the white labeler and it’s great!

A question: Is there also a way to change the color of the graphs without touching the source code of Mautic? I searched both for plugins and options, but nothing