Development Help Needed

The opportunity is: This would be for ongoing programming and integration of Mautic with third-party financial software. Some of it is custom software, some of it is commercially available software and you’d be working with me and our client’s IT department on this.

It is based in: United States but programmers with excellent English skills are fine regardless of their location.

Remote OK?: Remote work is OK

Salary/remuneration: Pay is mostly based on experience, but we typically pay anywhere from $25 to $40/hour U.S. depending on the project, complexity etc. Could be slightly higher per/hour depending on the project.

To find our more: email Chris Blair at

More detail on project:
I work with a large financial services company and we’re using Mautic for their email marketing. I’m looking for programming and development help with automating several daily processes, primarily pulling in contact lists that the client provides each day.

If you’re interested and experienced with Mautic programming using the API or with integrating Mautic with third-party applications, please get in touch. I can provide more detailed information about what we’re wanting to accomplish, as well as get the company’s IT folks involved in discussions.

Chris Blair

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Remote OK?:


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i would like to assist you.

Please reach me at email or Skype.

(E) mail -

S(k)yp(e) – cis.seth



Hey Seth,

Can you tell me more about your background, projects you’ve worked on (Mautic specific please) and direct me to a website or additional information about yourself and your company or work?

It would also be nice to talk to a couple of other folks you’ve done Mautic specific work for so I can vet your experience and skills.

Look forward to hearing back.

Chris Blair
Creative Director
Hall Communications