Difficulty creating new button

I’m trying to develop a plugin that needs a CRUD and from what I’ve seen in the internal codes mautic has a peculiar way of calling the create button in the header.


    $view['slots']->set('headerTitle', $view['translator']->trans('plugin.nextfourgroups.admin'));
    $view['slots']->set('actions', $view->render('MauticCoreBundle:Helper:page_actions.html.php'));


For me this is kind of confusing precisely because I don’t deal with syfony. How do I make the new button appear at the top?
Is this what the documentation calls events? would it be a subscribe event?

Buttons at the top usually come from form configuration. But you can create any button you want with html.

Tying that button to backend code however could be trickier.

yes, that’s why for me using the native structure would be the best way, I’m imagining that I have to use mautic triggers.
Found this tutorial: Extending campaigns

Is this what is missing to make the button appear in the code? Could you help me by giving details, don’t give me a definitive example for this.

Hi look at how lunch builder button is added in core: