Double Opt In no more working in mautic 5

Your software
My Mautic version is: v5.0.1
My PHP version 8.1.26
My database libmysql - mysqlnd 8.2.7
Your problem
plugin Jotaworks DoiBundle no more working

It’s a Mautic 4 plugin.
All plugins have to be migrated.

Yes i know that tank you!
How to do that. Because when i updated to mautic 5.0.1 it founds errors in my dtabase when i did “php bin/console mautic:update:apply --finish”.
So i decided to remove all plugins in the error log and it seems that Jtaworks not creating any problem. But at last i did a new install with new database.
Anyone can migrate old database (mautic 4. 4.10) to mautic 5?
It seems that my new database not having prefixe as for mautic4.
And now I found solution not using Jotaworks.

Excuse me for my poor english (I am from France)

The producer - or someone who can code it - must change the code to fit mautic 5

Yes! But there are other ways to do DOI

No there are no other ways, we need to adjust the plugin so its compatible with Mautic 5.

I managed my “confirm your subscribtion” button to redirect to a “thank you landing page” detected by mautic… Or may be by campaign (vanilla mautic solution).

Yes, that works also. The plugin is no must, but very handy.