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Downgrade from 4.1 to 4.0? Easy or database changes?

I am running Mautic 4.1 and I have some major issues related to how we use Mautic.
First of all reply-to field is not set when an email is sent from a form for example we have a form sending to our support system. This result in that when we reply it goes to mautics global noreply address instead of to the originator. (issue #10675)
Second we have a problem with boolean custom fields as we rely on that they can be null when they are not relevant. In 4.1 they can only be Yes and No. Lets say we have a custom boolean field called “Newsletter Opt-In”. Users who did neither opt in nor opt out would be null, but in 4.1 they would be No and it breaks the whole idea. (Issue #10711)

I know that it is not supported but anyone know if we can downgrade waiting for a fixed 4.1+ version without having any major issues with any database migrations which would make the database mismatching the code?