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Dynamic content with grapeJS

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My Mautic version is: 3.33

Can anyone help me? I have just upgraded to v3.33 and I’m trying out the GrapeJS plugin. Can anyone tell me how i add dynamic content to emails and landing pages? In the old builder there used to be content blocks that you could drag on but with GrapeJS i can’t find it. Am I missing something?

According to the release notes it’s not in 4.0.0, but after upgrade I found it here:

This is what I’m seeing. I’m using mautic version 3.33

does the plugin need upgrading or Mautic?

Like I said, my screenshot is from 4.0.0 your 3.3.3 will be different.

@joeyk @rcheesley is there a PR that can be manually installed to allow for the dynamic content block to be added to 4.0.1 ? We have a client that I really do not want to have to upgrade to 4.1.0 at the moment as there are many moving parts.

Is there a PR already?

There is no PR yet, we need somebody to develop this. It works with HTML emails but not MJML.

The issue tracking this is here:

If anybody would like to sponsor the work we do have a developer who might be able to work on that.

what is the costs around this ? Maybe it is important enough that we can open a topic and see who is prepared to contribute

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If you can hop into #i-builders on Slack we have a developer who is interested to do some work on the builder, we just need to make a job list and then find the funds to cover the work.

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