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Edit field only updates the the passed value and erases other fields

HI Everyone,

I was just testing the contact API [Mautic 3.3.3] and found out this in the Edit endpoint.

When I create a new contact with say this JSON


It creates new contact and everything is good,

But when I use edit api, api/contacts/ID/edit

with only 1 field to update for example


It updates the last name but makes email and firstname empty.

    "firstname": {
                        "id": "2",
                        "label": "First Name",
                        "alias": "firstname",
                        "type": "text",
                        "group": "core",
                        "object": "lead",
                        "is_fixed": "1",
                        "properties": "a:0:{}",
                        "default_value": null,
                        "value": "",
                        "normalizedValue": ""

I tried overwriteWithBlank true and false with same outcome.

Is this how it should work or is it a Bug ?