Elfinder - File Manager - How to run with Mautic 5.0.4?

In an ealier post, elfinder was mentioned for having a file sorting program.

  1. Does it works with 5.0.4
  2. If yes, howto install it?

Usually I’m letting people go head first in the wall and the help them recovering from it (I’m a centrist). But scratch it for that one…

Want a pro tip for that one?
Don’t use web based file managers. It does require an advance knowledge of web server in order to properly manage it. And for most ssysadmin, when they are advanced enough, they understand that this is a bad idea.

Best client for file management?
The one that is built-in your OS.

For Mac users, Finder is the best.
For Linux users, Nautilus is leaning the competition far behind

Otherwise, to answer you question:
It should work on any PHP enabled webserver.

You only need to download the code on an LAMP, configure the app, your webserver. And done (no need to do any integration work).

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I’d like to have for my e-mail attachments a file structure.

I have only access vis ssh to my server - because its a virtual machine at hetzner.com

But may be Mautic gets in the future here an improvement. I’m not a friend of “tweaks” outside.