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Email Stuck as "pending"

While working on learning Mautic campaigns, tagging, moving subscribers from segment to segment based on either reply emails or on pages they’ve visited I’ve run into an issue.

I have the following chron jobs set to run every 10 minutes - each one is staggered by 2 minutes so they don’t launch at the exact same time:

mautic:segments:update – this one is required
mautic:campaigns:update – this one is required
mautic:campaigns:trigger – this one is required
mautic:email:fetch – this is the one that will check the bounce and marketingreplies folders in
mautic:emails:send – should send emails that are waiting in the queue.

So I created the first campaign for a segment that just has my gmail in it.

It was set to check for a reply in the reply folder of my email box (which I have already connected and tested) - upon reply email, it was to send out a second email in 5 min and then move the subscriber to a different segment.

I scheduled it to “publish” 5 minutes from the time I had saved it… when it published, it sent perfectly - so the chron jobs are working.

However the reply part did not work.

So I made some adjustments and tried to send again. Didn’t work - I assume that it would not send to that same gmail again?

So I created a NEW campaign – when it published, the email to my gmail shows as “pending”. It will not get out of “pending”. It’s been a couple of hours.

Any ideas on how to get Mautic to work a second time and send an email for new campaigns?
Thank you kindly in advance for any insight for this noob!