Emails send out - but the campaigns are stuck in pending

i have a campaign that sends out emails successfully.

when i look at the channels section, i can see that the emails were all sent. when i look at the spool, it’s empty. most importantly, i can see the emails sent in postal.

unfortunately, when i go to the campaign itself, and try to get an idea of why events aren’t being triggered - i see that it doesn’t not register as the emails being completely sent:

they are all showing as pending - even though they’ve been sent.

this is an issue, because my events don’t fire (for example, open email event.)

here is the send email setting:


it’s pretty basic. i had tried using marketing, same issues.

my cronjobs:

anyone have a clue?

Shot in the dark:
Did you set the timeframe in your reporting properly? If you filter for a day, when there was no send, then you won’t see anything.

Chiming in here - I’ve found that time zone settings on the server and/or in the user profile can mess up reporting right after the send.

In the email itself, I’ll often set the timeframe to include the next day (tomorrow) to get the data to show.

However, when looking at campaigns, the date range only impacts the graphs, not the counts in the actions tab. Those seem to be all-time.

what do you mean by reporting? im really just having an issue with events triggering in the campaign.

i know people are opening because i can see in postal - and ive even gotten a couple of unsubscribes and clicks on the links.

can you go into more detail about this? i am running a campaign - and the way i fire it is by inserting new rows into the mautic database table for lead lists. so its really a cron job thats executing a sql file - not sure how i could adjust the timeframe on a specific email

I’m not sure, that insterting rows in the DB will have the proper effect on your campaigns. Why not adding them via API?

	3 AS leadlist_id -- the segment you want
	,NOW() AS date_added
	,0 AS manually_removed
	,1 AS manually_added
FROM final

i am just adding the contacts into segments. was not aware of a way to do this on api :confused:

also i have noticed that my system setting keeps changing the timezone to UTC

is there a way to make my choice persist? maybe thats a bug i have