End User Documentation Structure

Hi everyone,

I am Favour Chibueze and I was selected to participate in Google Season of Doc’22 at Mautic as a technical writer.

Our goal in this project will be to improve end-user documentation as well as move existing documentation to a new platform while also organizing and structuring information to make it easier for a user to get started.

I would love to hear your ideas for the end-user documentation structure and how I can make the experience better for users.


How you planing organizing documentation on different language?

@zaharovrd once we have the docs migrated and updated in English we will make use of the Transifex integration from Read the Docs to allow translators to work on creating a translated version.

The docs are here on how that works: Manage Translations for Sphinx projects — Read the Docs user documentation 8.1.1 documentation

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We found it extremely helpful if the first steps (a little bit of everything) are summarized to help people to get started fast.
Each topic can be further unfolded, and ellaborated. I would create a list of minimum docs to have someone started with Mautic including:

  1. tracking
  2. import
  3. create an email
  4. sending
  5. segments
  6. campaigns

And go from there. We did it differently in the beginning, but re-organising the docs helped our clients.
Of course this is just one way to do it.


Thank you for sharing. We would look at implementing this.