Enhanced reporting

I’m fairly new to Mautic.
I have a very basic report that I need my users to get once per month. The critical data source is from a custom date field. From what I can tell the basic options in Mautic for contact is simply new contacts within a certain date field. I need to generate my report based on all contacts where this custom date field is from a certain month.
Are there plugins or marketplace apps or something I can add to enhance the reporting features?

Hey @tracyselena

Reporting in Mautic is historically not that great, many people finding it not the most efficient and reliable tool unfortunately.

What exactly Is the report you want to see ?

UserName | Date Added ??

If you have nay mysql experience, the easiest way is to pull directly from the DB, maybe use php and to present it in html.

Hi Mike…thanks for the response.
I have a custom field called Hire Date (date format). I want my user to be able to go to reports, select Jan1 - Jan 31 and see a list of all contacts whose “Hired Date” falls between that specific period.
Pretty simple.
Yes I’m looking at a couple PHP reporting tools to see if that will give me what I want.

Hey Tracy,

I went ahead and tried to create a similar report and it is pretty frustrating. My steps were as follows:

  1. Create New Report
  2. Choose data source as contacts
  3. Add fields I want to see, in my case join_date, name, sname, email.
  4. Add filter join_date greater than or equal to + made dynamic
  5. Add filter join_date less than or equal to + made dynamic

Result - did not work as I would have liked.

If you are proficient enough in terminal /mysql as mentioned you can even write a little script to do all this for you and you can use this GitHub - TornMarketing/Mautic-Custom-Navlinks to show it to users inside Mautic (using iFrame :-))

inside mysql you can get what you want with: select hire_date, firstname, last name, email from leads where hire_date like ‘2021-02’;