Error 500 on segment view after 2.16 update

My Mautic version is:2.16
PHP is 5.6.30

Can not open segment if number of contacts > 700-800

error display on chrome dev console:

libraries.js?v8b45695f:673 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

Error on mautic log console

Current Error Log

[2020-02-17 16:39:12] mautic.ERROR: PHP Error - Argument 1 passed to Mautic\LeadBundle\Segment\Stat\ChartQuery\SegmentContactsLineChartQuery::getTotalStats() must be an instance of Mautic\LeadBundle\Segment\Stat\ChartQuery\int, string given, called in /opt/bitnami/apps/mautic/htdocs/app/bundles/LeadBundle/Segment/Stat/SegmentChartQueryFactory.php on line 30 and defined - in file /opt/bitnami/apps/mautic/htdocs/app/bundles/LeadBundle/Segment/Stat/ChartQuery/SegmentContactsLineChartQuery.php - at line 90

Any idea ?

Hi @pboisdenghien, welcome back to the Mautic Community Forums!

I notice that you’re using Bitnami, have you posted in their forums? They have specialist tools to help with debugging problems on with Bitnami, so it might be worth your while posting there (

Solved by installing a fresh Bitnami image

Ah great to hear you got it sorted, thanks for reporting back with the solution!