Error when modifying LESS files for Focus Items

I made some minor class changes to the following less files:

  • …/plugins/MauticFocusBundle/Views/Builder/Modal/style.less.php
  • …/plugins/MauticFocusBundle/Views/Builder/Notification/style.less.php

And now, I get the following errors:

  • mautic.ERROR: Exception: parse error: failed at `` line: 304 - in file … /plugins/MauticFocusBundle/Include/ - at line 4081

And the back-end doesn’t show the various options, even when reapplying the original less configurations?

I’ve deleted cache various times.

Any ideas?

Again answering my own questions … in the hopes that someone else might learn.

The answer can be found at:

You start changing the parameters in one and you affect the other and vice-versa.

Perhaps something else to improve upon in a future release.