Export contacts is not exporting all contacts*

For some reason when our team export contacts in the contacts page, or in the reports page selecting contacts, it only exports 56400 users, where we have 135049 users. Please advise urgently, as we use this data for important tasks.

Thank you in advance

Hey there, can anyone help?

Did you try to do it from the console? you might be hitting PHP’s maximum execution time. Saying this from experience. Also the contact list might be dirty AKA have some emails or names with single quotes.

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l’d suggest you to look at the incomplete export and go to the last line. There you might find the part that’s breaking the export.

Just to ensure, what is the correct process to export all contacts?

If you are in the contact list, and you wish to export ALL contacts for a given segment, you don’t do it from the left hand side, by checking all contacts, and clicking export. THis just exports that PAGE of contacts. You do it via the upper right hand side:

Just press the dropdown there, right next to ‘New’ and click ‘export’ contacts, and it will export all of the contacts currently listed.

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Thank you :pray:

I cant seem to see anything in the last row that would cause it to break…

Execution timeout then maybe?