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Extended field plugin

I’ve been playing around with Extended field plugin ( Was able to add ~200 custom fields (object -extended field) and import data using forms into them. Problem is that I can’t pull data from these custom fields using Tags.

Did anyone try this plugin and was able to use Tags and get data from custom fields created by it?

A little bit more info about the plugin in this post: You have reached the limit of custom field allowed in your database

Has anyone tried this plugin? I have and I’ve now got a load of issues.

It seems to be causing an issue with fields that are more than just text - for example, have an existing select field. once I installed the plugin all forms and contacts that us this field no longer work ( i cant even open them)

has anyone else had this issue? if so how did you fix? error message below

help I’m desperate!

[2020-11-16 11:04:46] mautic.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception Doctrine\ORM\ORMException: “Entity ‘Mautic\LeadBundle\Entity\LeadField’ has no field ‘alias’. You can therefore not call ‘findOneByAlias’ on the entities’ repository” at /var/www/ line 184 {“exception”:"[object] (Doctrine\ORM\ORMException(code: 0): Entity ‘Mautic\LeadBundle\Entity\LeadField’ has no field ‘alias’. You can therefore not call ‘findOneByAlias’ on the entities’ repository at /var/www/"}

I know it’s not on the topic, but nevertheless: I wanted to uninstall the plugin because I wanted to upgrade my Mautic to version 3 and plugin seems not to support it, but I couldn’t do it. Didn’t have time to look deeper into this issue though…

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@simas yes I have the same issue. Having not received a response from anyone here I’ve tried to uninstall the plugin but can’t. now I’m stuck and can’t
even open any forms that have select fields or view some contacts.

If there is anyone out there that has resolved this please let me know.

Did you try to create new forms for example?
Do they work?

No, It would let me create the form and add a select field etc but as soon as I had saved it, it doesn’t work and I then won’t even let me back in to edit it. (or delete it)

It will let me create form that dont have select fields and these work fine (it just seems to be this type of field)

I’ve made a little bit of headway with this, thanks to an amazing Dev guy I know.

In the code, he found a call to a function that doesn’t exist. By investigating what the code does he made a guess what function was actually intended to be called by the developer of this plugin (and Mautic core as well, cause the call actually happens in the Mautic core).

so this has now allowed me back in and edit form, contacts etc and create new fields:

I now have two more issues:

  1. I can create a new contact through a form and everything works well (all fields populate). but when I update a contact through a form is does not update the extended field values.
  2. Even though I can add the new extend form field tokens to an email, it does not populate the content of that field when it goes out?

Any ideas?

Perhaps you could post your solution here so that we could all benefit? Is this working on M3?