FieldGroup bundle

Dear Mautic Community,

This bundle enables you to extend Custom Field groups by just modifying one file in the plugin:

< GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-field-group-bundle: Add/edit field groups in Mautic via config params >

In the future I plan to enable adding field groups via Mautic GUI, as well as some other things, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I suggest you always use master branch when deploying in production enviornment.

Hope someone finds it, useful.


Dear Community, it is my pleasure to announce that I have extended field group bundle here: < GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-field-group-bundle: Add/edit field groups in Mautic via config params > in a way, that enables us to add new field groups using the GUI.

I hope you find it useful. See the screenshots below:

  1. Create field group

  1. List field groups

  1. Creating a new custom field

  1. View on the contact.

Have an idea on how to improve Mautic?

Reach out and we might just create something awesome!

Best, M.

Thank you so much @mzagmajster ! It’s amazing and fixes a very much needed issue!

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Perhaps a dumb question - does this plugin work with Mautic’s that are running Docker rather than composer?

It should, I don’t see any reason why it would not.

No questions are dumb.

Struggling to install it. Steps on Github did not work for me so I tried the method I use to install other mautic plugins

sudo unzip -d /var/www/mautic/plugins
mv mautic-field-group-bundle-master MZagmajsterFieldGroupBundle
php bin/console mautic:plugins:install

But no new plugin installed

0 new plugins were installed and 0 updated.

Version 4.4.9. Any guidance on where I am going wrong?

sudo unzip -d /var/www/mautic/plugins

Did it create the files for the system user?
If yes, you need to fix permissions, otherwise the user who runs mautic can’t see them.

That did it , chown’ed the folder and it worked

Thanks @joeyk

Hi @robm & @joeyk,

just got a chance to check this out. Glad to see that you managed to resolve an issue @robm and thank you @joeyk for assisting in my absence.

Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to post into the thread, I will respond ASAP.

Regards, M.

Hi @mzagmajster

Is there a way to control the order the custom field grps are presentd when editing a contact.

What is happening for me is the new grp I created is now the default grp that is opened when I edit a contact. I would prefer it to default open on core.

The list of field grps down the left of the page when editing a contact has core has no.2 in the list, and my new grp as no.1 I assume this is determining what the default is?



good point.

I did not think of order when I was first implementing this. I will try to add custom groups to the bottom, if you can just create an issue on GH that would be great.

I will get to this, when I get a chance.

Regards, M.