Focus Item - Website not shown

Hello, I want to setup a focus item for my website. When I submit my website I receive the following error:

This website blocks iframe previews with the x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN header. Please try another URL.

What can I do? THX

Hi @sebastians you do not have to have your website inside there, it is simply so you can preview it. You can go ahead and leave that blank, create your focus item and put it on your site. You will see it show over there.

Let me know if this works for you

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Hello @mikew, yes it is working. I was able to set the focus item up. You could have a look: https:/

Well done. Very nice. You have a pop-up coming from your website, I am guessing it is GDPR that grays everything out. I would suggest maybe adding a delay on your focus item or when someone scrolls down to middle of page. Maybe even exit intent.

But I guess you got the picture.