Form HTML -Manual Copy

I have a form field that is a multi-select type. When I copy the HTML and put it on my website, the multi-select field does not show the values available. Basically, I want the below field to be a multi select with “City1, City2, City3, City4”

        <div id="mauticform_homecriteriaform_what_area_would_you_like"  class="mauticform-row mauticform-text mauticform-field-2">
            <input id="mauticform_input_homecriteriaform_what_area_would_you_like" name="mauticform[what_area_would_you_like]" value="" placeholder="What Area would you like?" class="mauticform-input" type="text" />
            <span class="mauticform-errormsg" style="display: none;"></span>

Did you copy the script, the styles and the form in the same HTML?