Friday: The best day of the week! Join us for Open Source Friday to help make Mautic more awesome!

It’s Friday so naturally it’s the best day of the week as we get to contribute to Mautic together!

Every Friday we come together in the Mautic Community to test bug fixes, features and improvements to Mautic, and work on fixing any current issues that have been reported.

It’s a great way to give something back to Mautic, even if you only have an hour.

Mautic users

Pretty much all bug fixes, features and improvements can be tested fully in the browser thanks to our integration with Gitpod, making it very quick and easy to test.

Every single bug fix and feature in Mautic will have been tested by at least two people just like you - users of Mautic, who give a bit of their time back to help Mautic.

Here is a list of things that it would be good to focus our attention on:


We do also have some WIP tasks that developers are working on and a few things that need to be picked up for Symfony 5 support, so if you are a developer and want to help with this please check the issue here:

How to get involved

If you have some time available on Friday, please join us in Slack in #t-product. We will help you to get started and walk through your first tests until you are confident.

See you there, let’s make Mautic even more awesome! :rocket: