Help Integrating Mautic WIth Newest Salesforce

My problem is: I need help integrating Mautic and salesforce. I seen there is documentation for the old salesforce and I need the updated salesforce as It is completely different. Can anyone help me with this please!

Hi there, could you give some more information, especially which Salesforce version you are talking about?
Is it possible that you mean the change from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning? In that case, it’s just the documentation that’s deprecated, the plugin should still be functional.

Hi Madlen,

Yes it is Salesforce Lighting, is there any documentation on how to add this?

Hi Chloe, not as far as I know. I used to switch from Lightning back to Classic whenever I had to do something based on the documentation. However, I am not sure if thats still an option…