How many custom fields can I have in company/contact and can they be transfered?

Hi everyone,

I know there is a limit of 110 custom fields that can be added but is this number for Contacts and Companies separately (i.e each can have 110 custom fields) or Contacts and Companies together (i.e 55 custom fields each)?

If they are together, can the allocated number be transferred to the other category? I.e, if I don’t use the Company fields and would need more Contact fields, can I use the allocated 55 Company custom fields as Contact fields instead?

Hope I explained myself :slight_smile:

(If it matters I’m on version 4.1.0)


Hello @theresefub

Where did you see that there is a limit of 110 custom fields?
For what purpose do you need more than 100 custom fields?

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Hi @pierre_a , and thanks for your reply. I’m not sure exactly where I’ve seen it, but thought I’ve picked it up on the way at least, but maybe I’m wrong?

It’s a client that has a lot of custom fields for their campaigns and integrations with other systems.

Hello @theresefub,

As far as I know you have no limit to the number of custom fields.
Keep in mind that one more custom field will make SQL queries (when updating segments) more complex.
I suggest you create only the fields that are necessary for your marketing campaigns.

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There are limits.
Plz keep an eye on this Forum topic:

Hello @joeyk,

Indeed, the limit is related to the SQL database.
There is always a limit in a computer system. :slight_smile:
For the time being, the limit announced in this topic has been pushed back in the latest versions of Mautic, I believe.