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How to be notified about errors on Mautic?

Hello to every one!

I’m running an instance of Mautic on Digital Ocean.

Today, while I was testing a funnel, I get a fatal error (500)…

But the problem is not the error in itself: I need to investigate it.

My question is about another thing.

This error happened while I was testing the funnel, so I was aware of it as it happened to me.

but, what if the error happened to one of my visitors?

Maybe I will see some drops in conversions, or some other KPI alerting me about something that doesn’t work.

But it should be way more useful to be notified about eventual errors that happens on the server.

How do you manage errors to be notified when they happen?

You can read your server’s logs with an ssh command or use a tool to do that for you, like