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How to integrate Mautic with Magento 2?

I want to integrate Mautic with Magento 2, but no any resource found on the web.
Let me know if anyone can help me out to resolve this.

Hi Sanjay,

I am not convinced that connecting Magento with Mautic is the best solution currently. As of now, Mautic does not come with functionality to create offers, receive/store/deliver content and so on. What you could do: transfer all your contacts and send them relatively generic emails. But is it enough to drive sales?

I am not willing to move anyone away from Mautic - Mautic is great and I believe in its capabilities. But in your case, I would try to find a marketing automation tool which really works together with Magento. I think for example MailChimp is more sophisticated for this use case (