How to send UTM Tags to Mautic Contact when Submit a Form and/or click on a e-mail Link sent via Mautic?

My Mautic version is: 2.15.3
My PHP version is: 7.0.33-0+deb9u6

How to send UTM Tags to Mautic Contact when Submit a Form and/or click on a e-mail Link sent via Mautic?

I have a Page URL such as following, this URL has a Mautic Form:

The issue:
When I submit the Form, the UTM Tags are not recorded into the Mautic Contact.
The same happens when I click on a e-mail sent via Mautic with this link.

I have read several related issues here but I could not find anyone who document what are the requirements to have it working. Some people talk about to enable Google Analytics cross-domain, but I believe it is not the case.

Please, How can I make this work?
Thanks in advanced.


can you try one of these, and see if it works.

I’m trying to make this work but no luck
the UTM Tags - Mautic guide says the email editor will automatically add the UTMs selected to any links you add to the email - no it does not
and the UTM even if you add it manually does not record via the form or into segments or reports (at least I cannot see obvious steps to make it work)
There is also no UTM column to be selected on the reports visit page, thus no obvious mapping of UTM on email into Mautic
If anybody has a guide that actually makes this work I would very much appreciate the help

I’ve gone through the github : Tracking Visitor Data by Smart URL
the script there doesn’t work either in v3.0.1,
granted the solution was aimed at V2.15.2 or later
I’m going to install v2.16.3 and see if I can make it work in the older version

I think you’re might be missing a step. Have you added the action “Record UTM Tags” under the forms “Actions” Tab?


Deleted: no, first time I’ve seen that, i’ve added that to my form, but no difference]
(probably stuffed something else up as my page visit report is not tracking visits any more)
it also has no utm columns, what are the utm_source equiv in mautic

Edit1: No, first time I’ve seen that, I’ve added that to my form:
I can see it in the contract’s log as “UTM Tag updated”
Is there a way to see this:

  • in a report or
  • write it into a contact field
    Currently can’t see how to do that
    Also can’t see how to use custom URL values
    what I need is a step by step guide that explains this implementation

To see utm paramters in a report, you need to create a report that has UTM codes as its Data source

Utm parameters are also available for segmenting

Your best bet with custom paramters is to add javascript on the landing page

@OmerGafny thanks now I’m closer to finding what i’m looking for, funny thing is I expected to find the UTM codes on contacts but somewhere along the process a snippet of js lead me to believe mautic capture this as part of page hits but it is not there on that report, also thinking about it now, why is it not on the page hit, since the same user could visit from different sources? Is the first or last value stored in the UTM_Source in Contracts?
I can make UTM work for my paticular problem, but it would be nice to make the custom one work, looks like i’ve a script for that, will update if I get it working.


Please update, i also need to save utm tags to custom fields…

perhaps with GTM?

I haven’t tried this myself, but worth a look:

hi. I am hoping the support team can help me here. I am unable to collect utm parameters. All it collects is Form id.

I have record UTMs enabled in the form Actions. I can see the referrer being collected properly as well. Any help is appreciated. Here is the screenshot of what Mautic records.