I absolutely need a throttling feature between emails

Hmm, at what frequency does your email sending cron job trigger?

You can also do the following: 💧 Is there a way to make a 'drip' campaign in Mautic? Where an email is sent only to a small percentage of the segment over a chosen time period - #4 by devsrealm

Here they are-

*/5 mautic:segments:update

*/5 mautic:import

*/5 mautic:campaigns:update

*/5 mautic:campaigns:trigger

*/5 mautic:messages:send

*/10 mautic:emails:send

*/10 mautic:email:fetch

*/10 mautic:broadcasts:send

****Removed inner lines to make it short.

Show a screenshot of the queue settings.

Here’s something that could happen. It’s showing in the Channels>Emails>My Email that it’s sent 10 emails at a time but it could not be sent at a time like the number increased from 0 to 10 at a time. Maybe the number increased 0 to 10 but it’s sending with the throttle.

Oh, mautic pushes that to queue for processing, it doesn’t actually send.

Looks like it is working.

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Thanks a lot. Some mails are heading to spam. Don’t know the % though. I am using Office365 SMTP. Do you think, warming up and increasing daily up to 5K a day will help heading inbox? Or changing SMTP/ip rotation is needed?

You might as well use a self-hosted mail server (which is my preferred method and also cheaper, at least, for me) or go with a reliable cloud-based SMTP provider e.g SendGrid, MailGun, SES.

This is not needed.

You can send me a p.m if you have a very specific use case.

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Do I need any other cron job for campaign scheduling (at a relative time period)? http://prntscr.com/103pjrp @devsrealm bro

No, It would trigger the cron job in whatever minutes you set per day. You can give it a try.

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