How Many Mails Can Mautic Send out Per Minute? - benchmarking results in post!

I have seen a number of posts around this issue, but have not been able to find clear benchmarks.

We have a client who is sending through Amazon SES with a rate limit of 77 mails/second.

Question can Mautic send out this fast using API connection ?

So I have run some benchmarking here and using the mautic spool and cronjob it seems that the maximum number of mails sent per minute is around 290!!

I have set the system up to send 4500 per minute, I did this by running the cronjob every minute and the number of mails per send as 4500, however look at my benchmarking below:

The system is currently sending out 2 segment mailers and a campaign mailer (m1,m2,m3). M1 was started 2 hours after the segment mailers (m2 & m3) so it seems that the logic is neither FILO or LILO or FIFO - what is it - how does this thing work :slight_smile:

I know removed the mautic queue and used Send Immediately. Remember my Amazon SES rate limit is set to 4,500/minute (77/seconds).

The only way I could benchmark this was old school by actually timing the minute I start and the minute the send finishes watching the screen and to send out 30,000 emails it took 39 minutes!!

Is this something that sounds correct ? I know understand why the client was surprised he received an email at 10 in the evening when it was scheduled during the day, however it was sending to a segment of 600K.

Am I missing something to speed things up here ?

@joeyk @rcheesley - any ideas, have you had any different experience ?

Do you just use one cron job
php console mautic:emails:send ?
And you reach 290 emails/second?
With Amazon SES and api?


Is possible to do that sending rate per minute with Postal SMTP?

Can’t find anywhere what is limit for Postal SMTP.

I’ve also huge email list (about 250k) and want send it in 4hours the most…

A quick question to save you some trouble: did you warm up to send more then 100 emails / day for your Postal IPs?

I make warm-up with 80-100mails per day. I have done that with Mailreach service.
Anything else you can suggest to me?

Not particularly, Just wanted to make sure you are not sending 250k messages on your own IP without proper warmup :slight_smile:

I hope it’s okay, if I chime in with a (maybe a bit off-topic) question:

What is warmup in this context? How crucial is it and how is it done?


Well, with postal you are using your own ips. You need to warm up those ips otherwise you wont get anything through.

Here is some reading material:

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As a mistake which subsequently turned into a test, I set a campaign to automatically restart contacts and allowed contacts to restart the campaign. Within minutes I had spooled something like 4000 emails (luckily to my test account) and rate limited the email server we use. Fortunately, the mail server meets our relatively low sending volumes, but I was quite alarmed at the sheer amount of emails Mautic generated with my buggy campaign setup.