In case you integrate with Twilio - heads up about "pumping protection"

In case you make use of Twilio to send SMS, this is important to know for you. Twilio introduced a feature called “pumping protection”. This is preventing a scam, where people use your SMS budget to gain revenue share from receiving networks.

This is a risk always, when you implemented SMS for verification purposes, where people can add whatever phone number. While this is good to protect your budget at Twilio, this is very unhandy for other use cases.

We use Mautic with twilio in a case, where we ping employees of a company about important updates to look up in there employee website. Only we can issue the SMS sending. There is no risk anyone else can send SMS via our mautic instance.

With “pumping protection” enabled automatically by Twilio, a couple of employees didn’t receive the SMS anymore - Twilio log indicated, that the feature identified this false positive.

So for this scenario its recommended to disable that feature (via customer support), as delivery rates might be bad otherwise.