Install mautic on hetzner

hello guys I’m starting my journey with mautic and im Happy :smiley:

according to lei it is better to have a vps server with which i proceeded to contract hetzner vpn…

I have created a subdomain in my domain provider (in

Now, can someone guide me what steps should I take?

how do you install mautic?

Can someone guide me so I can install it and learn?

So, in case someone wants to guide me…

I have :
nor subdomain ready in Webempresa

I have a server created in hetzner

But I don’t know what else to do…

Thank you
community hugs!

@paolosn A good place to start are the docs

Good luck

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I had already gone through that article but I was looking for help or information (I googled but I can’t find) how to install in hetzner vps.

Thanks friend, you too.