Introducing Mautic's New Governance Model - Your Chance to Shape Our Future Together

Hello awesome Mauticians of the world! :mautibot: :sparkling_heart:

I am so excited to share some groundbreaking news with you all today!

After months of dedicated work in the Governance Working Group and with lots of debate and discussions in the forum, we’re launching our democratic, community-focused, and completely revitalized Governance Model for Mautic!

This model brings our shared vision of community-driven, open source operation to life and it opens avenues for both Individual and Corporate membership.

Being a member of our vibrant community gives you the power not just to witness, but help to shape the future of Mautic. It’s time to step up and play an active part in Mautic’s future growth!

Support the Mautic community in the most direct way possible and play a part in steering the future course of open source marketing automation.

You can learn all about it in this blog post: Mautic's new chapter: fueling open source innovation through the General Assembly - Mautic Community

Thank you all for your undying passion and valuable contributions that have brought us this far. Let’s shape our shared future together!