Is it possible to break mautic database into 2 databases?

Hi, I am guising the answer is no but wanted to give it a shoot.

Mautic database is getting big and if wanted to check if there is some kind of way for me to take a table inside the database like “campaign_lead_event_log” and break it into different database so it won’t have one database that really big but if rather break it into 2 as if want to keep the database under a set size.

If someone knows a work around to do it but still having the system works well if will be happy to hear about it.


Why not just clean it?
I would also check if there are problematic campaigns, that fill up the DB, like loops for example.

Yea i do clean it up every week with a cron but it’s still big, just wanted to explore that option.
But after i went into mautic files it seems like it won’t be possible.

And yes i also had a similar problem with the past with a loop, which was crazy.

Thanks for your help.

how do you deal with this @joeyk - are you talking about campaigns that have the user restart at the end of the campaign?

I try to avoid it on large scale. These campaigns generate a huge amount of logs, and the DB can get out of hand. I either use segments to check if someone qualifies or webhooks into forms to start campaign.

Quite interested to hear how you deal with showing pop-ups on specific pages to all visitors using campaigns. This is something we do, however I am not sure I am using the best implementation.

If it’s about placing a focus item in wordpress dynamically, I use Woody Snipplets. Even the free version allows you to place focus items based on rules.
Just add your js / html / php content:

Then define the placement:

Define rules:

There are bunch of other rules you can choose from.

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we deal a lot with different web site technologies like react and angular - any other thoughts on this?