Is it possible to configure cron jobs with urls?

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My Mautic version is: the latest (2021)
My PHP version is: 7.3
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5.6

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Hi there! I’m trying to install Mautic for a client. I’m meeting some issues at the step of adding cron jobs. The web hoster of my client doesn’t allow him to have admin acces to the ssh command terminal. But he can set up cron jobs “with urls”. Let me explain: he can tell his server to execute a certain url at a certain time of the day. As it’s shown below.

Getting Started | Mautic As in here the cron jobs are given as sudo commands, is there any way to convert them as URLs?

Thanks a lot for your time and help


These errors are showing in the log:That the URL is invalid

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Searched the web and opened a ticket to the web hoster.

Hello and welcome to the forum…I am pretty new myself… however by now they probably wish I would go away… as I ask more questions than anyone else…but I may be able to help you soon… there is some software that is free that i have seen and it is designed for those with shared hosting… and it is specifically designed to run your crons from URLs… not sure exactly where i saw it but will look and let you know… If your client will be doing heavy Mauticing… it might be better to move to better hosting as we speak…if he will be doing heavey stuff… get at least hosting that he has server access…its not that much more unless he is using some of that 7.95 a month junk… but will let you know as soon as I find it…good luck with the Mautic I love it… they have really put a lot of work into this… and if you become an avid API guy let me know hopefully in the next few months i will be an expert right now i am an API dummy and i hope to push it so that more folks are jumping in with it… it can be fun… Welcome Aboard… is it urgent to get this going fast or you have some time?

I have used remote crons in the past for other things but have not tried it on Mautic… but should work… and most times they are free… but even if you pay it wont be much… What that is is a 3rd party that provides cron service from a remote location…let me know if you need more info on setting that up…

Hi Tommy thanks for your answer!

Yeah I’m new to Mautic and we just want to give it a try with my client. Yes I’m affraid Mautic will have to manage quite a lot of datas… and yes by the end of the week we’re launching our first campaigns so we’ll need it pretty soon ahah… so sorry about that hope the community will help! But thanks a lot to you

Hi, if you plan to use Mautic with lot of data, better get a real hosting (with SSH) cause you’ll need to tweak your crons pretty often.


Oh okay thanks a lot! I’ll try to check with google cloud services

Look for a service that lets you run cronjobs every minute.
And have SSH access.

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This is imperative. Joey knows what he is talking about :cowboy_hat_face:

Have not found the URls that drive crons yet still looking will send if i find them but was a while back that I saw them… but I would not recommending using it any way get a a real host that lets you take care of your business…