Is it possible to Send "Events" to Mautic?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.2.1
My PHP version is: 7.4.3

Your problem

I need help to understand if it is possible to send “Events” to Mautic, to record specific events and trigger actions based on that.

Background :

  • On our website users can register and post some text to be analyzed by our editors.
  • Each user has to register with an email, and we can easily track that.
  • Each user can submit multiple texts to be analyzed.
  • Each text is then available for the user at an URL like{revision_id}/

We want the user to receive a series of emails for each texts he submits, remembering him to check the URL above for updates and to check the analyzed text. This can be easily done with a Campaign.
We use API to send all the relevant data to Mautic.

If a user submits more than 1 text, we would like to send to Mautic the “Event”, meaning that we can keep track of all the events on Mautic (text submitted, payments…) is that possible at all? How?

Speaking about the example above, if one user submits one text, which is then stored on our website with ID 4701, we can start the “text submitted” campaign in Mautic. We can set a custom field “Text ID” in Mautic that can be updated with 7401, and use it inside the emails to send the user directly to the right page.

But what if the user submits a second text, with ID 7402?

  • He is still in the first campaign: can I restart it AND let the user also finish the current “session” of the campaign?
  • The Text ID has changed: how can I send the emails about ID 7401 if I update the field to 7402?

Ideally, this could be done with “events”, which is something doable in Active Campaign for example. See here: and here

Any idea or suggestion?



need a similar thing, any update on this?

Hello @danieleaccuware,

Yes it is possible to submit events using the JS tracking code :

Add to that the fact that a campaign can be launched several times for the same contact and that covers a good part of the needs you express.

Can you keep us updated on the results of your tests?