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Is there a reason, that "Contact ID" will not be exported from form submits?

We have a form for existing customers - so it has no email field. Only an contact ID field. Is there a reason that this column is not exported via CSV or XLSX?

If so, thats really a problem and I will raise a feature request.

Hi @dirk_s I just tried exporting my leads, both via leads and via the form responses, and I see the ID field in both the XLS and CSV fields.

You did not provide any information on your instance - Mautic version, PHP version etc - that might be helpful?

Are you sure that its the contact ID and not the submission ID?
I just tried with two different instances running on 2.15.2 with PHP 7.x. None of them export the Contact ID, which is needed as its the only link to the contact. The submission ID doesn’t help here…

They are the contact ID which corresponds to viewing the contact (e.g. the ID in the URL path).

No idea why you’re not getting the contact exported - have you tried exporting just from contacts, without any filtering applied?

Oh wait, I just double checked!

So when I go to form submissions, I get the submission ID and not the contact ID (at all - it just has the first column of form submission ID).

When I export via contacts, I get the contact ID.

I expect this may be related to the context. however it is a bit odd that the contact ID is displayed on the screen but not exported, so it might be worth raising it as a bug on Github.

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added here:

Just adding the PR here so there’s a link!