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Issue in Contacts Section

Hi Support,

I am having some URGENT issue in the contacts section. I want to share my Mautic login details here. Shall I do it here?

Because My login details should not be viewed by others. It should be confidential. How to contact the support directly without using the public forum.

Please reply to it ASAP. This is very URGENT for me.


Hi Sathiskumar, please don’t share any credentials here. Which version of Mautic are you using, the (paid) or the (free) version? If the latter, are you using a hosted Mautic or did you install it on your own server?

Hi Peter,

I am using the free version of the mautic. I am using it on my hosting: this is the link to it.

If you are using the free (and self-hosted) version of Mautic, the forum is the correct place to ask for help. What was you issue again? :wink: