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List of Mautic tokens

Hello everyone. I’m new to Mautic, so please be gentle :wink:

Is there a list of all possible Mautic tokens somewhere? I’ve tried searching but can’t find such a reference list.

My specific use case right now is to indicate within the email to the admin that a new subscriber has signed up. The contactfield tokens are fine and the email is sent, no problem.

But I also need to know which countries they signed up from as well as their IP addresses. These are not being captured directly in our sign-up form, but I know that Mautic collects that information anyway. So the question is, which tokens can I use to display that info for each subscriber in the admin email?

Thanks for any pointers!


I’d like to know that as well. Currently, I’m building a landing page that has a Form on it, and I need to know the form’s true name. Currently, I’m hard coding this information, but I want to know a list of all tokens currently available, so I could do something like {form=1,name} or {formname=1}.

Even so, I’ve needed a numerous other tokens but I’m always guessing which exists and which doesn’t, and seeing from a list of 4 possible to choose from is not ideal. Everything is well documented in Mautic, but there’s no documentation for this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is there any place where we can look at the reference, some docs? A complete list? Those are some of which you know, but those certainly are not everything. I can start assembling a list:

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Is there any difference between {contactfield=} and {leadfield=}?

This is the complete list of the variable or token you can use in mautic

Thank you @ekatronik