Locked myself out of the Mautic frontend due to misconfiguration

I have accidently locked out myself from the Mautic server. I was trying to setup CORS (i.e. to setup the allowed origins to *). Since this did not work by setting the CORS switch to disabled (it sent an empty origins header then), I put the * in the next field, which was labelled “Trusted sites” (if I remember correctly).

But when I did this, the web frontend immediately reported a no access error. I wasn’t aware that this setting would affect the frontend as well. How can I reset this without access to the web frontend? I am running Mautic on the Bitnami stack offered by AWS. Mautic is quite an important part of our infrastructure, so I need to get this back ASAP. Thanks.

Thanks to Ruth Cheesley on Slack, I was able to resolve this.

The setting trusted_hosts can be found in local.php, which resides under app/config. On a Bitnami instance, the full path is /apps/mautic/htdocs/app/config.

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Hi there,

As discussed on Slack, you’ll need to figure out where Bitnami saves your app>config>local.php file which is where settings are saved.

The default would be this:

	'trusted_hosts' => array(

	'trusted_proxies' => array(


So I’d reset it to that, and then you should be able to clear the cache and get back into your Mautic instance.


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