Mail Delivery Problem

Your software
My Mautic version is: v3.3.1
My PHP version is: PHP Version 7.4.16 / nginx + apache
My Database type and version is: mariadb / mysqlnd 7.4.16

Your problem
My problem is:

The first time I installed Mautic on my server and tested the sending of emails in the configuration panel, I received a test message.
I needed to change this email (because it was my personal) to a sending email, I configured the smtp again and the connection was “successful”, when I try to send the test mail I get an error.
" Expected response code 354 but got code “503”, with message "503-All RCPT commands were rejected with this error: 503-Sender verify failed 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA "

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I did a full update in my server side (i’m using centos 7 + vestacp) and everything is fine and working, i got all smtp testes in “OK” and actually I’m using those e-mails boxes in my Outlook without problems.

Already checked the logs in var/logs and got this (from last night + today error)

All my side configs and SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc on dns are fine, mautic server is on sameip as mail server and I don’t have any issues sending or receiving mail in outlook or gmail (as a mailbox reader/sender using imap/smtp).

So, I checked some in log, this is sending by mautic for anthentication, this is right? maybe the problem can be here.

Hope someone can help me solve this out, really love the power of Mautic.

For people getting this error too, my solution is that my server doesn’t allow tracking inboxes with bounce.

So, by removing the monitored inbox settings i did in my mautic panel the problem is gone.

if anyone needs to read more about; Bounce management | Mautic Community Documentation

See ya.

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