|Integromat - Enhancement to somewhat basic module

Hello community,

My idea is:

I would love to see enhancements to the useful but somewhat basic Mautic App. Presently calls to CONTACTS and COMPANIES are available.
It would be useful to build out calls to SEGMENTS, STAGES, POINT TRIGGERS, POINT ACTIONS in the existing app.

I have added a feature request on the Feature request page. If anyone is interested in this enhanced Make/Mautic functionality up-voting this request would be beneficial.

You can do that here: feature request page

Who would benefit from this idea

Users of Mautic and would benefit from this idea.|Integromat is a very useful alternative to Zapier etc… for quickly integrating Mautic with just about anything else.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
An enhanced Mautic| integration would make this a truly awesome integration.

Any code or resources to support this idea:
Support from Mautic Community users who are also users. Upvoting the feature would be super useful. You can do that here: feature request page

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further?
None beyond normal Mautic skills and familiarity