Mautic 3 crons not working

I Installed a fresh copy of Mautic 3.0.0 on a new domain. Installation went good. No errors.

After that I setup the same cron jobs as my old (2.15.2) Mautic. However, I changed the paths in the the cron jobs from /app to /bin.

But it looks like no cron job is working. Mautic 3.0.0 is completely dead and does nothing at all.

Any ideas?

Hi Maurice,

Please check that you have the correct syntax for the cron jobs as documented here:

Note it should be bin/console

Hi, as I mentioned in my post, I have updated the paths from /app to /bin to reflect the correct ‘syntax’.

Isn’t there a way to check if the crons are actually ‘received’ by Mautic? At this moment troubleshooting crons is a super difficult thing in Mautic.

Years ago I had this software called ‘Interspire Email Marketer’. This software was very simple. But it had this nice tiny feature that showed if the cron job was received or missed.

Anyway, I finally found the issue. I had to delete the cache directory. After that it started to work.

Still… this is a strange issue that you need to delete the cache manually.

You can pipe the output of a cron job to a file easily enough -

Clearing the cache is a pretty common thing to do in troubleshooting Mautic, it is generally the first step. It should have been cleared by the migration script in the last step of the migration - did it perhaps show a message in that step saying that it was unable to complete?

Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it!

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